What Is Exactly Done in AC Servicing?

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Did you know that regular AC servicing can help you save money on your energy bills? Regular maintenance can improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. It can also save it from common problems such as breakdowns, poor performance, and high energy bills. Homeowners delay AC servicing because they think it is not beneficial. Get your AC checked by experts to avoid major problems during the upcoming warm weather. If you want to know what will be done in AC servicing, read this article. After reading it, you will get a clear idea about what AC service is and how it is done.


AC Inspection Before Servicing Is Important. Here’s Why?

Checking your AC system before servicing can reveal any problems that need attention. This can help ensure that the servicing is done correctly and effectively. Some homeowners think AC maintenance only includes changing the air filter and cleaning the outside unit to avoid blockages. However, there are other steps involved in AC maintenance too.


The first and most important step in AC service is a thorough inspection of the unit. Inspection allows you to avoid problems and remain comfortable at home during hot days. You must complete the inspection to figure out if the HVAC components are in working condition. Several problems can cause safety hazards in the future. So, it is wise to identify if the HVAC system needs any small repairs. You get rid of these minor repairs, and you won’t have to face any expensive replacements in the future.


Tasks Involved in AC Service 


AC Service consists of several tasks that should be completed. These tasks will ensure that your HVAC system is running efficiently and smoothly.


Cleaning the Clogged Filters 

If any dust or debris is accumulated in the filters, it must be removed. Clogged filters can reduce the performance of the air conditioning system. You can also replace these filters if they cannot be cleaned properly.


Check the Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant is what cools the air inside your AC unit. During servicing, the technician checks the refrigerant levels and adds more if needed. If there’s not enough refrigerant, your AC will need to work harder, causing high energy bills and damaging the compressor.


Inspecting Electrical Components and Condenser Coil 

The condenser coil is located outside the AC unit and can get dirty and blocked by debris as time passes. During servicing, the technician cleans the condenser coil to ensure proper airflow. Moreover, you should also check the electrical components carefully. The wires and connections in your AC can wear out with time and might need to be replaced during servicing.


Check Thermostat Settings 

Ask your technician to see if there is any problem with the thermostat settings. This step is important as it ensures your AC unit works at the desired temperature.


Lubricate Moving Parts 

During servicing, the moving parts of the AC unit, such as the fan and motor, may require lubrication to make sure they are functioning effectively.


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