What are the Fireplace Solutions for Small Spaces?

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You know a well-designed fireplace will enhance the beauty of your room, but you find it architecturally overwhelming to fit it in a small space. This should not stop you from adding a cozy and heat-emitting fireplace to your living space. We have brought some practical solutions that will help you fit a stylish fireplace in your small living room, bedroom or wherever in the house you want. Read this article to learn helpful tricks for incorporating an elegant fireplace so that you do not have to sacrifice comfort.

How to Pick a Suitable Fireplace for Your Small Space?

Choose a fireplace design that blends in appropriately with your space. Following fireplace designs can fit your small rooms and still give an elegant and decorative look.

Wall Mount Fireplace

One of the most space-efficient fireplace options is a wall mount fireplace. The reason is that it does not take up any floor space. These are electric fireplaces built to be placeable anywhere in the house. Moreover, these are thin and do not require venting, making installing these in small spaces even more convenient.

Corner Fireplace

Another excellent solution for adjusting a stylish and cozy fireplace into your limited space is a corner fireplace. These will fit perfectly into any 90-degree corner enhancing your room’s look along with providing warmth. A corner fireplace is ideal for small places because you will not have to worry about it taking up a lot of wall space or projecting too far into the room.

Media Console Fireplace

Combining your entertainment console with a built-in electric fireplace is a great way to have a fireplace that does not look too big. Fireplaces installed in this design are called media console fireplaces. These are ideal for small spaces because they provide a lovely atmosphere, warm fire, shelves, and a flat top to mount a TV.

Electric Stove Fireplace

Use an electric fireplace if you live in an apartment, condo, or small house. Modern electric stove fireplaces require less room because they do not need wood or additional space for functioning. Consequently, they function well in small rooms and are compact enough to be placed anywhere in a room.

Consider Following While Choosing a Fireplace

Adding a fireplace in a small place requires careful calculations. Here are specific requirements you need to fulfil to figure out the ideal fireplace design and type for your small apartment, condo or house.


You should measure the dimensions of the room in which you intend to install the fireplace before you purchase one. Only after taking measurements can you choose an appropriate fireplace size and design. The type of fireplace, the climate, and the room design all play an essential role in aesthetically adding a fireplace to a small room.


Every object in your room should be proportionally aligned with the fireplace size. It is a tricky arrangement to create but pays off in the form of an elegant and spacious-looking room. If the sizes are uneven, chances are either fireplace size will overwhelm your small space or other objects in the room will overshadow it. For example, a coffee table equal to or slightly smaller than the fireplace will look good in your small living space. If the table size is too big, it will affect the seating arrangement and heating access for everyone in the room.

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