Wall-Mounted Fireplace Ideas

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Wall-mounted fireplaces are the perfect solution for anyone who enjoys the comfort and looks of a fireplace but still wants to have safety in mind. They come in so many different styles and finishes that can be suited to your home and they’re so quick to install. Installing your fireplace on your wall can change the look of the entire room so have a look at what it takes to add a wall-mounted fireplace to your home today. 

Wall-Mounted Fireplace Installation Services

Wall-mounted fireplaces are one of the easiest fireplaces to install and you can even do it yourself if you have some basic knowledge when it comes to mounting heavier objects. It’s still a good idea to look into hiring a professional to help you so you can make sure it’s installed in a safe and secure way. The wall-mounted fireplace installation will be a quick and easy job and you can have peace of mind knowing that your fireplace is going to work its best. 

Mounting the fireplace is a very simple task that consists of installing brackets into the studs and hanging the fireplace. It’s important to use the materials and instructions that are provided with the fireplace itself if you are looking to do the install on your own. If you have hired a professional to help you then they will have the knowledge and materials to install the fireplace on any type of wall. 

The cost of a wall-mounted fireplace will vary, depending on the model you choose but they usually cost between $300 – $2500. The cost of a wall-mounted fireplace will also depend on whether you need it professionally installed. A wall-mounted fireplace installation shouldn’t take more than a day to do. 

Step 1) Measure your wall

Measure the spot where you are hanging your fireplace to ensure that it is far enough away from anything flammable. After you’ve measured and marked where you want it to go, start measuring where the brackets will be placed. The bracket style can vary and the measurements will depend on the type of fireplace you’ve chosen so make sure you are either using plastic anchors or installing the brackets into studs for stability

Step 2) Install the brackets

After you have installed the brackets in the correct place, use a level to make sure the fireplace will hang correctly after it has been installed. The next step is to install any extra hardware for your fireplace which usually includes wall spacers. These spacers may come pre-installed or you may have to screw them on yourself but they are vital to making sure your fireplace doest rest on the wall. 

Step 3) Final steps

Finishing the installation will depend on the style of fireplace you’ve chosen. Electric fireplaces will need to be plugged directly into the wall (not an extension cord or power bar) and the cords should be tucked away from the vents. 

Bio-Ethanol fireplaces do not need to be plugged into an outlet but you will need to assemble the area where the oil burns. These use a fuel reservoir that needs to be filled with the proper oil so it will burn cleanly and allow you to snuff it out without an issue. 

Many fireplaces also come with glass that may need to be installed after the fireplaces have been hung. It’s a good idea to leave this step until you know your fireplace is secure and safe on the wall. Installing the glass should be simple and smooth so if it gets stuck, take it out and try again instead of forcing it into place. 

Picking The Perfect Spot For Your Wall-Mounted Fireplace

The fireplace should be positioned in an area with ample ventilation surrounding it which means you need to have at least 50 cm of space around the bottom and sides of the fireplace and 100cm of space at the top. This is important to allow for the heat that the fireplace creates to escape and warm your home and ensure nothing will catch on fire. 

You also need to make sure the fireplace is near an outlet without the cord being stretched too far. The cord should be below the fireplace and away from any of the vents that are giving off heat to ensure that it stays intact and doesn’t melt. You should also avoid placing your fireplace underneath the outlet for the same reasons.

There are different styles of fireplaces that will give off heat in specific areas so if you are looking for a fireplace that you can mount underneath your television then look for a fireplace with bottom and front heat only. These are a great choice but they still need to be mounted at the correct distance from the floor (at least 1.5 feet or 46 cm) , your television, and other flammable materials in order to keep you and your family safe. 

Wall-mounted fireplace ideas

You also need to consider the lifestyle of the home and who will be near the fireplace. One of the best parts about wall-mounted fireplaces is the fact that they can be placed up higher on the wall so you can avoid any little hands banging on the glass. Placing the fireplace out of reach means that’s one less thing you will need to worry about. 

Wall-mounted fireplaces can also be used as more than just a heat source with the styles that are available today. Some have LED lights that can change colour or brightness so you can easily use your fireplace to set the mood in the room for entertaining. Some even come with an audio-triggered sensor so you can have your fireplace lights beat in time to whatever music you choose. 

Fireplaces look great in any room of your home and there are so many different styles and finishes to choose from. With so many wall-mounted fireplace ideas, you can even have a fireplace in your bathroom so you can enjoy the luxury of the warm flames in any room. Contact your local fireplace expert today and they will be able to help you figure out which wall-mounted fireplace will suit you and your family the best.