The Importance of Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19

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dirty furnace filter

The importance of wearing masks during COVID-19 is constantly being publicized through the media. However, as important as they are, they only protect the air that we breathe: HVAC systems work to keep a building’s airflow healthy. Here’s why having clean indoor air filters is always important – and even more so during our current pandemic.

How Air Filters Work

Whether it’s a UV product, air purifier, or air filter for your furnace, indoor air products are used to provide healthy airflow inside our homes and buildings. By filtering airborne particles and debris, indoor air products get dirtier as the air gets cleaner. 

Although many air filters can only trap particulate matter that is bigger than virus molecules, higher quality air filters may be able to. Known as the MERV rating, the higher the rating that a filter has, the smaller the particle it can trap. This means that the coronavirus, a potentially deadly airborne virus, can possibly be captured by some indoor air products.  Due to this possibility, it is highly recommended that caution is taken when changing filters and disposing of them.

Air purifiers and UV products share the same goal as air filters: to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Like air filters, they, too, require regular maintenance to remain in optimal working condition.

Benefits of Indoor Air Products

Besides potentially filtering the coronavirus, having a properly functioning indoor air quality system reaps many benefits. For one, any lingering smells caused by pets, food, mildew, or smoke can be filtered, leaving the air fresh and breathable.

For family members with allergies, asthma, or upper respiratory health concerns, a quality air filtration system can help remove particles that exacerbate these health conditions. These include removing dust mites, pet dander, mould, and pollen. By removing these harmful air particles, fewer symptoms and reactions occur, leading to a better sleep experience.

Indoor air products can also create energy efficiency. When the air is cleaner, furnaces and air conditioners do not need to work as hard to balance humidity levels and increase airflow.

Completing Proper Maintenance on Air Filters

The benefits provided by an indoor air filtration system can only be experienced when the system is properly maintained. The recommended replacement timeline varies greatly depending on the type of air filter, the overall indoor air quality, and the number of inhabitants in the home (including pets). 

An average suburban home typically requires a filter replacement every three months. For homes with no pets and minimal inhabitants, air filters should be replaced every 6-12 months.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions Taken by HVAC Professionals 

Because information surrounding the coronavirus is not completely known, HVAC professionals need to take extra care when completing maintenance and repairs. 

Technicians should wear protective gear & clothing and thoroughly clean surfaces while they work in a home or business. Additionally, filters are being disposed of on-site instead of being transported back to the shop.

Hamilton Home Comfort Helps Keep Your Home’s Inhabitants Safe During COVID-19

Whether it’s during COVID-19 or a regular cold and flu season, having a properly maintained air filter could provide you and your home’s inhabitants with protection. For more information about the HVAC services we provide or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact us today.