The Benefits of Using a Humidifier

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During the winter months, we all keep our homes much warmer than other times of the year. Cranking up the heat can significantly impact the level of humidity in your home, which can have a number of adverse effects. There are plenty of different options and models when it comes to humidifiers that you can choose, and one is bound to fit your home and needs. Here are some of the perks of using a humidifier throughout the winter months and the rest of the year.

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It can help your home feel warmer

If you’ve ever used a humidifier in a particular room in your home, you know that the room typically feels warmer than the rest of the house. Humidified air feels warmer than dryer air because of the extra water content, and sweat evaporates slower. Having a humidifier can help reduce heating costs because of this. While feeling warmer, homeowners can keep the thermostat down while staying warm.


It helps prevent dry skin

In the winter months, many of us deal with dry skin, and part of that can be from the dry conditions in our homes. When the heat is up, it pulls the moisture from our skin, leaving it dry, chapped, and more. Even if we do our best to stay hydrated, this can still be an issue. We rely heavily on the optimal amount of water to function correctly and feel our best. Our skin covers a lot of surface area, so it often shows the first signs of dehydration. Keeping a humidifier on can help prevent dry skin, soothe itchy skin, peeling skin, or chapped lips.

It can help prevent snoring

If you are waking up with a sore throat in the morning, it could be because of the dryness in the air. When we breathe through our mouths at night, it’s challenging to prevent a dry throat. Using a humidifier can help prevent a sore throat from snoring and soothe any issues that arise over the night. Especially if you run the humidifier during the day, you will likely prevent irritation from snoring during the night. You may also find that you no longer wake up with that groggy morning voice, and you may feel more rested.


It’s beneficial for plants

If you have house plants or you want to bring some into your home, having a humidifier can work wonders for keeping them thriving. Many types of plants flourish in a humid environment, and if you have wilting or browning plants, it can help bring them back to life.

It can help prevent the spread of viruses

Recent studies have found that increasing humidity levels in your home can impact around 85% of airborne viruses. Humidity can render them ineffective. Moisture in the air prevents the movement of germs because as they combine, they drop because they are too heavy to move around the air. This helps prevent the spread of a number of illnesses, including influenza. It can also help speed up the healing time from infections as well.

It can help relieve allergy symptoms

Older humidifiers have been known to encourage the growth and spread of house dust mites because they didn’t control the amount of humidity put into the air and overdid it. Newer models typically have settings to prevent the excess moisture from creating a perfect breeding ground for those types of issues. Those who have allergies tend to feel better when the air has increased humidity because the airways are moistened. Humidifiers can also help prevent nose bleeds for the same reason.

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It helps prevent static

In the winter, static is everywhere. Many of us notice static in our hair, clothes and even getting shocked walking around the house. Static electricity can even damage electronics, create flammable gas or dust. If your air has adequate moisture, it can help prevent those issues.

It can help prevent damage to wood

If you have real hardwood flooring or wood furniture, dry air can cause damage by drawing the moisture out of the wood and leaving cracks behind. Dry air can cause damage to the joints in a wood floor, change the size of wooden doors, leaving them difficult to open and close and cause damage to the arms and legs on chairs. Wood is happiest when it’s in an environment with a constant level of moisture in the air. Having a correctly set humidifier can help prevent this kind of damage.

A humidifier can help with everything from saving your furniture to your hair and skin. During the winter months, you can save some money on your energy bills and keep your health in optimal shape. Investing in a portable or central humidifier can do wonders for yourself and your home.