Taking the Guess Work out of Fireplace Design

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One of the trickiest things to do when you are designing internal features for your home is making those decisions without really knowing how the finished article will look. We often have an idea in our heads of what the feature will look like, but it is rare that it will actually turn out exactly how you imagined.

This is why Napoleon Fireplace Design Studio is an ingenious idea and is proving to be so useful. Through their website, designers or home owners with an interest of fitting a fireplace – or stove or insert — can design their feature right down to the finer details, the door knob design, or the ash tray. You can then print off your chosen design.

napoleon studio

Napoleon Fireplace Design Studio

There are many benefits to using the Napoleon Fireplace Design Studio for people who are planning on buying a fireplace.

  • It shows you all of the options – By using the design process online, you can see all of the options that are available at each stage. You may not have thought about the different leg options in your standing stove, for example. This process gives you the chance to design your fireplace, stove or insert down to the finest detail.
  • You can visualize your ideas – An online design process allows you to visualize your ideas right here, right now. So you can design the fireplace, stove or insert to be exactly how you dreamt it, and then see if it actually will turn out how you imagined. It gives you the chance to see your fireplace before it is made and for you to be able to visualize it better as a finished product.
  • You can change your ideas – If there is a part which you don’t like, you can see your options to change it. It may be a small detail such as a colour, or the material of the door handle, or you may want to change the complete design. This feature allows you to try out different ideas to your hearts content, until you find the perfect fireplace, stove or surround for your home.
  • You can print off your design and get an estimate – Once you have finally designed your perfect fireplace, you can then print off your design from a pdf and send the details to get an estimate for it.

Gas Fireplace Designs

The fireplace design studio offers design options for wood, gas and pellet fuelled fireplaces, stoves and inserts. Options include different door types, handles, backdrop options and different log sets, as well as different front and surround styles, meaning that you really do have a blank canvas to design your fire feature on.

This innovative design method is a great option for those who want to be able to visualize what can be an important feature in their home before racing out and buying and fitting it. This means not only peace of mind, but hands the control of the design over to the people that really count – the home owners.