Reduce Energy Consumption & Maintain Comfortable Home Temperatures in Winter

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With the winter upon us, homeowners should consider the numerous tasks that need to be done to get their home ready for plunging temperatures. Getting the interior of your house prepared for the frigid winds, snow, sleet and ice is critical for keeping your home in tip-top shape so that you stay safe, warm and toasty inside.


You’re better off to prevent potential problems ahead of time because once the harshness of winter arrives any issues that crop up in your home is nothing but a costly headache to fix. By being proactive, you’ll lower your energy bills, increase its efficiency and lifespan of your home’s components while staying comfortable all winter long.

Here are some tips to reduce energy consumption and maintain comfortable temperatures.


Clean your windows to allow more sunlight to enter the house and warm it during the chilling days of winter. When sunlight is reduced from entering your home, you will have to compensate by using more heat, which will increase your utility bills.

Sealing windows is equally essential to keep your house warm and reduce energy costs. Using caulking to seal up the cracks is a simple way to prevent drafts from leaking into your home. Alternatively, covering your windows in a thin plastic film helps to waterproof your home due to severe winter weather conditions.


Your gutters are designed to help move water, melting snow and debris away from your roof and home, but when they overflow with leaves, they get clogged, create water damage, ice damage to the roof, freeze and crack the pipes. This can ruin the inside of your home and cause mold, mildew and decay on the ceilings or walls and it can weaken your home’s foundation.


Cleaning your chimney each year before winter arrives is something every responsible homeowner should get done. A clean fireplace improves air quality and keeps your home running better because the air motion in your home will flow better and be cleaner.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide better ventilation and airflow and can be more energy efficient in the winter months. Ceiling fans can be used strategically to achieve better airflow, thus maintaining a more comfortable temperature throughout.

Adjust Thermostat

You can save about 10 percent per year on your heating bills by turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours. Consider investing in flannel sheets and a warm comforter for your bed. You’ll save energy and still be toasty warm.

Heat Only the Rooms You Use

Close and seal off the vents in unused rooms to be more energy efficient and direct the flow of air to the rooms you use most. This procedure helps to maintain a better temperature in the remainder of the house.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Keeping your furnace clean, unblocked and vents properly maintained will reduce energy consumption and help you save. With the furnace running properly, your interior temperature will maintain a more comfortable level throughout.

Winter Misery

With winter’s arrival in full blast, you want to make sure your home is ready for the onslaught. By following a few simple tips, you can reduce your energy consumption, be more energy efficient and maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home for your family.