Multi-side Fireplaces Are The Hottest Home Trend

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One of the hottest trends (literally!) that has been coming up in home design is the use of multi-sided fireplaces in almost every room. These fireplaces provide warmth, style and add so much class to rooms. 

A multi-side fireplace is a fireplace that’s built with heat-tempered glass so you are able to see the fire burning and experience the heat from all sides. They can be built with gas or wood-burning options and they are one of the biggest trends in home improvement. Let’s have a look at why multi-side fireplaces are so popular and why you should consider buying a multi-side fireplace for your home today. 

Multi-side Fireplaces Keep You Warm & Trendy

Buying a multi-side fireplace is a great idea if you want to have something unique and interesting in your home that is also incredibly functional. These fireplaces look amazing when they’re placed on corners or used as a room divider. A traditional fireplace that’s been built directly into the wall and only has one side is commonly called a “hearth” fireplace. While old-school wood-burning fireplaces are gorgeous, they can make a room quickly look dated or out of style if the rest of the room has a modern feel. 

Multi-side fireplaces are also called “see-through” fireplaces and they can be used in a variety of ways that make the room look amazing. Installing one between two rooms with some added seating gives the area a sense of warmth and nature in the most modern way possible. They can provide a striking look to any home with the beautiful glass combined with the natural feeling of having an indoor fire.

They also give a great visual due to the see-through effect of the glass. It will open up the spaces it’s being installed and act as a window from one room to the other. If you have an area of your home that’s divided by a boring-looking wall, bringing in a multi-side fireplace will make both rooms feel much warmer and friendlier. Buying a multi-side fireplace is the perfect idea to decorate two rooms at once. 

Your fireplace can be finished in a number of ways that suit the style of your room. Another plus is you’re able to decorate both sides separately if you wish, allowing for both sides to flow seamlessly into each other. If you have a farmhouse-style kitchen with a rustic cabin-style living room then you can easily match both facades to their respective rooms. There are so many finishing options available and a fireplace expert will help you find the best finish for the room. 

They are also very functional and provide heat to two rooms or areas instead of one. This is great if you’re looking to heat two rooms at the same time or if you have a spot in your home that isn’t located near one of your regular heating vents. The cost of a multi-side fireplace varies, depending on the features and placement you’re looking for. 

The multi-side fireplace installation is usually no different than the installation of a regular fireplace if you choose to go with a wood-burning option and hiring a fireplace expert to help your installation is the best idea. Your fireplace will need the correct support around and above it to keep it from collapsing in on itself. An expert will be able to install it correctly and make sure it’s built to last.

The price will vary for your unit and installation so it’s a great idea to contact your local fireplace experts for a consultation. They can give you the best options for your home and work within your budget to give you the multi-sided fireplace of your dreams.  

The benefits of a Multi-side Fireplace

Gas fireplace experts agree that there are plenty of benefits of multi-sided fireplaces that you wouldn’t get with a regular hearth-style fireplace. One of the biggest ones for families is safety. These fireplaces can be placed high on the wall so you don’t have to worry about kids or pets getting injured by the warm glass.  You also don’t have to worry about anyone hurting themselves on the open fire of a traditional fireplace.

Many multi-sided fireplaces are run by gas with faux logs but you can also get wood-burning options. For these options, one side is outfitted with a door for easy access while the other sides are enclosed with vents that will pump out the heat and another to pump the smoke out of your home. These are great for anyone who wants the crackle, smell and experience of a wood-burning fireplace but also wants their home to have a modern and well-styled vibe. 

When you look at the cost of a multi-sided fireplace over a regular hearth fireplace, you need to consider that it will likely be heating two rooms. Compared to the cost of two separate fireplaces, a multi-sided fireplace is much more economic. When you’re buying a multi-side fireplace, the initial cost and installation might be more than a regular fireplace, depending on where you’re choosing to install it, but the gorgeous visuals that it gives your home are priceless. 

Buying a multi-sided fireplace is a great idea if you want a fireplace that is going to increase your home’s value. During installation, look into what it would take to connect your gas fireplace to your wi-fi system. This will allow you to turn your fireplace into a “smart fireplace” and you will be able to control it easily with your phone. 

If you’re thinking about getting a new fireplace for your home then you should consider a multi-sided fireplace. They are so versatile and they look amazing in any room. They’re one of the best options on the market right now to heat your home plus they have the added benefit of being a gorgeous showpiece that you will enjoy for a long time.