How to Service a Camper Air Conditioner?

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Do you own a recreational vehicle with an installed air conditioner? Taking care of your RV is crucial to ensure it lasts longer. You need to reseal and clean all the appliances in the RV, not just the air conditioner. Nonetheless, an RV air conditioner is one of the most important parts that should be looked after to keep it in good shape. You should schedule the maintenance of your camper air conditioner after every few months. This way, you will save money and will not have to go through the trouble of any major repairs.


Where to Start the AC Maintenance Process?

If you have never opened the air conditioning unit and inspected it, you should learn how to do it. If you know nothing about RV AC maintenance, this article will help you. There are three major steps that you should keep in mind when you are inspecting or maintaining the air conditioner on your trailer. Just follow these steps to keep your camper air conditioner in good shape.


Check the AC Cover

When you start the AC inspection process, the first thing you will see is the cover of your air conditioner. This can be a plastic cover that envelops the entire unit. Although its purpose is to make the RV more aesthetically pleasing, it also protects the AC unit from foreign objects, dirt, and debris. It will also save your camper AC from any damage from your low-hanging limbs while driving. The problem is that continuous sun exposure can easily damage this part. When the cover gets brittle, harmful things can pass through it and damage the inner systems.


Inspect the AC for Any Leaks

The next thing to check for is leakage in the system. Water can be damaging to your RV air conditioner. If there is even the slightest leak, it will be a good thing to get it fixed right away. You must check the rubber ring in the air conditioner that is meant to keep the water out. If this rubber ring is not placed correctly, you will find water gathered inside the air conditioner unit. This problem can be caused by rainwater and the water produced by the AC unit. You should check the rubber ring every six months for any damage. You should also tighten the screws because they will hold the air conditioner in place.


Wash the Filters

You should get the filters out and wash them even if you don’t have time to check the whole AC unit. It is one of the basic steps in maintaining your camper AC. You can use warm soapy water to wash the filters and keep them in the sunlight for a while. Depending on the usage of your air conditioner, you should check the filters after every three to six months and clean them up. When your AC filter is worn out, and you don’t know the specifications of the new one, you can always seek professional assistance. Hamilton Home Comfort can help you with camper’s air conditioner repair in Hamilton and nearby areas. We will also give you advice on how you can keep the air conditioner fully functional on your own.


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