How to Keep Pests Out of Your Fireplace?

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Fireplaces are an ideal way to add warmth and aesthetics to your home, so make sure to install one. The heat from a fireplace makes a house more inviting and cozier. The fireplace offers the most relaxing and enjoyable ambiance on a cold winter night. Nevertheless, a fireplace has the disadvantage of allowing bugs, pests, rodents, and others into your home. Many insects and animals seeking shelter from the cold will find warmth in your fireplace. Pests and insects often hide inside the chimney or fireplace, causing air pollution and health issues. Hamilton Home Comfort, the leading company offering fireplace sales in Hamilton, is here to help you. We will help you save your fireplace from unwanted pests and insect infestation.

Keep reading this article to learn how to keep bugs from coming in through the fireplace.

Check Firewood for Pests

When you are storing wood outside, it is easy for it to attract unwanted guests. Check the firewood for holes, hidden insects and pests if you have a wood-burning fireplace. Before using the wood, knock the wood on the ground to dislodge the insects. Bonus tip: Burn the wood quickly after obtaining it to keep pests out of your fireplace.

Burn the Oldest Firewood First

The logs in your woodpile that have been there the longest are most likely to have an insect infestation. Insects will be less likely to become well-established in your firewood if you burn the oldest logs first. Firewood should always be kept off the ground and as far away from your house as possible. Make sure to use the firewood as soon as it is brought inside.

When Not in Use, Seal Off Your Fireplace

Making sure your fireplace is completely walled off from the rest of your home may be the best approach to keep pests out. Consider installing a door on your fireplace if you don’t already. Do this, specifically if you frequently have problems with bugs getting into your house through the fireplace. A door installed in front of your fireplace will prevent pests from entering.

Keep Fireplace Flue Closed 

You can also keep those annoying pests out of your fireplace by closing the flue after you’ve used it. Rodents, birds, bats, and other pests can not enter your chimney or home if the flue is shut while your fireplace is not in use. To prevent beetles and insects from entering your chimney, ensure to cover any cracks. Install a chimney cap to completely seal off the top of your chimney for increased security.

Store the Wood Optimally

The best place to store wood is outside; keep it away from the fireplace. To lessen the moisture buildup in the wood, try to store wood off the ground. To do this, think about stacking wood on top of a temporary table built of bricks or concrete blocks. Invest in a log trolley to make moving logs around simple.

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