How to Fix Common Furnace Problems?

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It is irritating when your furnace stops working amid the crazy chilly winters. The need to pull the covers up at night is different from a furnace not correctly functioning. You need to know the common issues that happen with furnaces time and again to differentiate if this happens because of a malfunctioning furnace or extra chilly winters.

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A poorly functioning furnace causes many health issues, such as coughs, irritated eyes, dizziness, etc. If you are facing severe problems like those mentioned above, maybe it is time you check your furnace or get it checked by a professional. Identifying the issues is the first step toward resolving them. In this article, we have mentioned common furnace problems and tips to fix them; hopefully, these will help you enjoy a comfortable winter.

The Furnace Stopped Producing Heat

Poorly maintained furnaces often stop functioning out of the blue. If your house still feels cold despite a constantly running furnace, it indicates a problem that needs repair. Several small factors can lead to this problem are here:

  • The thermostat is not set to heating.
  • The heating is set to room temperature.
  • The filters are too clogged.
  • The circuit breaker or fuse has tripped.

Do the following to see if the problem goes away with it:

  • Change the thermostat setting.
  • Increase the heating to a few degrees.
  • Practice regular filter cleaning.
  • Check the breaker; if it tripped, flip it back manually.

If the situation does not improve after doing all this, you should consult a professional furnace repair company in Hamilton.

It is Not Producing Enough Heat

Having a furnace that struggles to produce heat is different from having one that has suddenly stopped working. The most common reason behind a furnace that fails to sufficiently warm the house is highly clogged and dirty filters. The air entering the furnace and the hot air returning to the home are cleaned through these filters. When airflow is restricted by a dirty, clogged filter, heat and pressure eventually accumulate in the furnace. Regularly checking and changing the clogged filter is essential to furnace maintenance. Frequently cleaning and replacing filters is a crucial and easy requirement to protect your furnace and improve indoor air quality. You can either do it yourself or contact Hamilton Home Comfort for better guidance if you wish to take professional help.

The Furnace is Making Noises

If you are experiencing a shrieking noise from your furnace, it is because of the slipped or worn blower belt. If you find no visible tear on the belt, try to tighten it. However, if visible wear is seen on the belt, buy a new one and change it following the manual provided or ask a professional to do it for you. Furthermore, a loud grinding or scraping noise from the blower can mean that ball bearings are loose or damaged and bumping into their housing. If you hear any of these noises, it is advisable to immediately turn off the unit and seek a qualified furnace repair expert’s help.

Problems with Pilot Light and Ignition Issues

If the pilot light on your furnace does not stay lit, you should seek a proper furnace inspection from a professional. The possible reasons for this are:

  • A clogged pilot orifice.
  • Low flame setting.
  • A defective safety switch.
  • A malfunctioning thermocouple.

This issue requires a skilled furnace repair expert’s handling because of the safety risk involved. Your furnace is possibly fuelled by a gas supply or an electric spark plug, too dangerous for you to handle on your own without a proper manual. However, if you think you have enough skill to handle this, follow these steps:

  • Immediately turn off the power source.
  • For a gas-powered furnace, close the gas supply valve.
  • Use a hex-head screwdriver to remove the flame sensor.
  • Clean with a paper towel to remove dust and replace it with a new sensor.

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