How To Do Maintenance on A Gas Furnace?

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Are you tired of dealing with recurring problems with your heating system? A heating system can be easily maintained and remains trouble-free as long as it is well-maintained. Therefore, periodic maintenance is all you need to do to ensure the efficient functioning of your gas furnace. You can find some helpful tips in this article regarding how to carry out the maintenance of a heating furnace.


What is Causing the Damage?

The malfunctioning of a gas furnace can result from issues in the cold/heat source, thermostat, and distribution system. In most cases, if the gas furnace does not work properly, the problem is at the source. You can check if the source has lost its power, causing the furnace to malfunction. In this case, the fuel in the furnace is reaching the air conditioner or furnace, but due to some reason, it might not be igniting. You can also check the system for faulty equipment, such as a thermostat or control; it can cause the furnace to turn on and off repeatedly. You should not panic and start the initial procedure for furnace repair.


Tips for Maintenance of a Gas Furnace 

If you are tired of buying a new furnace every season, you must learn the tips for its proper maintenance. Here are some tips that will help keep your furnace in working condition for many years.


Replace or Clean the Filter System

Clearing the filter system is one of the most essential steps in the furnace repair procedure. This filter system protects the internal system from dirt or any other form of debris. If you are using the gas furnace continuously, you need to check the filter system more often than clean it or replace it depending on its condition.


You can clean the filter if there is a small amount of debris. If you are checking the furnace after a long time, it might be clogged with lots of dirt, so you might have to replace it with a new one. The air filter is not that expensive; you can easily change it to stop the furnace from malfunctioning in the future.


Clean the Vents 

The venting system is also part of a gas furnace that absorbs a lot of debris and dust. If this system gets blocked, it can be extremely dangerous for users. When you are cleaning the furnace, take a large brush and clear all the vents of the debris. You can also remove the vent cover and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the insides of the venting system.


Check the Blower

Blower assembly should also be on your list while cleaning the furnace. You can locate this blower right after the air filter. The dust passing through the air filter also gets stuck into the blower, which needs to be cleaned.


Repair The Ducts

Furnace ducts can easily get damaged due to the extreme load on the gas furnace. You can use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to clean the ducts frequently. The repaired and cleaned ducts will prevent air leakage from the furnace, making it fully functional. If you use a forced air furnace, you might run into problems such as damaged ducts.


Inspect the Fans 

Inspecting fans inside the gas furnace is also crucial in regular maintenance. In a general inspection, you must check all the parts, so you don’t have to spend extra effort and money on the replacement of a gas furnace. You should make a routine to inspect the furnace for any damages regularly.


All of these steps must be performed correctly to ensure the full functioning of your furnace. Get the professionals’ help and maintain your heating or cooling system. Hamilton Home Comfort offers seamless furnace maintenance services to heat your home efficiently. We at Hamilton Home Comfort have been installing, repairing, and servicing residential furnaces for over 25 years. We have added some helpful tips in our informative blog How to Maintain Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System?, do give it a read.