How long does a furnace last?

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Your home’s furnace makes sure you have a warm, cozy place to enjoy the cold Hamilton winters, but how long can you go until you need to replace it? Replacing the furnace in your home can be a major expense that no one wants to handle, but eventually, you will need to replace the furnace as it’s not going to last forever. If you know when it was last replaced, you can estimate how much longer you have until you’re looking at buying a new one. So, the big question for every homeowner is: how long is my furnace going to last? Here’s what you need to know about how long your furnace will last, and how you can extend the life of it.


Regular Maintenance

Much like cars, the life of a furnace could be much longer if regular maintenance is performed on it. If you want to extend the life of your car, read helpful articles and reviews on car products here. As the furnace gets older it may need more work, or there could be parts that need to be replaced. If you perform yearly checks on your furnace and replace the filter often you can extend the life of your furnace and, potentially, decrease the cost of your utility expenses.

Correct Furnace Sizing

When the furnace was replaced in your home if one that is either too big or too small was selected then this could decrease the life span of your furnace. If the unit is too big for your home, it will quickly heat your home and turn back off again but will then need to turn on much sooner – so the process of starting up and shutting down too often will cause premature wear and tear on the parts. Similarly, if the unit is too small for your home then it will be running constantly and will also cause parts to wear out more quickly.

Warning Signs

Sometimes a furnace might just quit, without any warning signs but for the most part, there are signs you’re nearing the end of your furnace’s life if you just know what to look for. If you are calling for furnace repairs multiple times over the winter, and repairs are getting more costly, this could be a sign that it is time to replace your furnace. Additionally, if you notice your heating bills are increasing in cost you might have an issue that needs attention.

So, how long will the furnace last?

There isn’t really a firm answer on exactly how long a furnace will last. Many factors such as regular maintenance, initial installation and usage can go a long way in determining the life of a furnace. If you are having issues with your Hamilton area furnace, we would be happy to come out and look at it. We can give recommendations on how much longer you can expect it to work and ways to extend its life. With regular inspections, even on an ageing furnace, you can extend its life and make sure you don’t have to face the big expense of replacing the furnace prematurely.