Do Gas Furnaces Need Annual Maintenance?

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Do furnace inspections really need to be performed every year? This is a question that homeowners often ask us. Almost all furnace manufacturers recommend that a qualified technician inspect and maintain your furnace annually. An annual maintenance plan is an excellent way to catch issues with the most problematic parts of a furnace. Often homeowners think, isn’t this something I could do myself? Is it necessary to get gas furnace maintenance from a professional every year? To find the answers, please read the complete article.

What Will HVAC Technicians Do During Regular Maintenance?

Generally, regular maintenance services vary widely from company to company depending on what they include and when it is performed. Commonly you can expect the following in your regular gas furnace maintenance:

  • Vent system check for leakage or blockage
  • Analyze and compare combustion gases to the unit specifications
  • Check the blower access door to ensure that it makes a tight seal at the furnace
  • Check fresh air intake grills and louvres for blockage
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for rust and corrosion
  • Check the ignition, flame, and flame sense of the burners
  • Examine the drainage system for blockages or leakages
  • Make sure the furnace’s internal hoses are in good condition. Clean the condensate drain and trap, and replace the water in the trap
  • Check the blower wheel for debris and clean it if necessary

They will also check the blower motor, wiring and filters. Although filters need to be checked more frequently than annually, you can do it on your own or hire a professional when required.


Can I Do it Myself, or Do I Need to Hire a Professional?

You need professional HVAC maintenance services for your equipment’s safety and efficiency. The only people capable of doing all the maintenance tasks listed above are homeowners who are heating contractors. Most furnace maintenance tasks require knowledge and skills. A professional HVAC contractor has the necessary expertise and training to handle HVAC repairs, which is one of the most important reasons to hire one. It is easier to catch a problem before it becomes a major one by performing regular maintenance.


What are the Benefits of Annual Gas Furnace Maintenance

You can avoid no-heat situations during the chilly winter by having your furnace serviced annually. Furthermore, regular gas furnace maintenance has many other benefits, including:


Preventative Maintenance Saves from Costly Sudden Repair

Taking care of minor issues early on prevents major problems from developing. Small fixes in the fall are less expensive than extensive furnace repairs during the busy winter.


Savings on Energy Bills & Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Energy bills can get expensive during the winter when we use a lot of heat. When you hire a maintenance professional, he will check everything to ensure that your furnace runs at peak efficiency so that it does not drain your wallet all winter.


Make your Gas Furnace and HVAC System Last Longer

When a furnace is well-maintained and free of leaks, cracks, or blockages, it can run for many years without any major problems. Maintaining it can save you from spending money on a new furnace or HVAC system.


Regular furnace maintenance is essential for keeping your home warm all winter. Changing your furnace filter is something you can do yourself. However, other forms of maintenance require a trained HVAC professional.


Hamilton Home Comfort technicians offer regular maintenance services to keep our customers’ homes warm and cozy. Our goal at Hamilton Home Comfort is to provide the best products and the most reliable service in Hamilton and the surrounding area. In our last article, we discussed How Long Does It Take to Install a Furnace?” have a look at it and let us know what you think.