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Should I set my thermostat to ON or AUTO?

By admin_fj6iobc6

Every year there are a few blessed weeks or months in the spring and fall when your home doesn’t seem to need any heating or AC. But what about the other months – when you’ve got to deal with the sweltering heat of July and August or the frigid cold of February? You’ve got to make…

Do I need to change my furnace filter in the summer?

By admin_fj6iobc6

When people think about furnaces, they automatically think about winter and rarely relate to furnace maintenance. Given the heat so far this season in Southern Ontario, most people may have even forgotten that they have a furnace in the house. It’s also why many homeowners are surprised when they are told that they should make…

Shutting Down Your Furnace & Turning on Your AC

By admin_fj6iobc6

Glorious spring is right around the corner! With warmer days ahead, homeowners get the long awaited satisfaction of turning off the furnace from running during the cold winter months. Although we all love our furnace and the warmth it provided during the frigid months of winter, it’s a great feeling to finally shut off our…

Do I Need a Dehumidifier if I Have Air-Conditioning?

By admin_fj6iobc6

Have you ever wondered if you need a dehumidifier during the hot summer months when the air conditioning system is turned on? You might be surprised by the answer. The purpose of central air conditioners is to circulate cool air through the house using a system of ducts and registers. The AC pulls in the…