Can You Repair a Bad Furnace Gas Burner

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Why a bad furnace gas burner is a problem to be addressed immediately? A damaged furnace burner can lead to gas leakage, poor performance, and complete furnace failure. A broken burner reduces the amount of heat your furnace can generate: causing the furnace to work harder. As a result, your energy bills increase. It could be anything from grime clogging your furnace burner to a more serious issue; therefore, contact a heating repair company to fix or replace the faulty burner before it can work again.


The Following Factors Affect the Performance of a Gas Burner


  • Ventilation ensures the burner gets sufficient air supply to remove harmful gases produced due to combustion.
  • The ignition system is required for igniting the burner and producing heat from the furnace. The furnace will not turn on if something goes wrong with the ignition system.
  • The efficiency of a furnace is also reduced if its burners are dirty, and malfunctions are more likely to occur.
  • The right mixture of fuel and air is essential for efficient and safe combustion.
  • An old burner is susceptible to cracking due to constant expansion (heating) and contraction (cooling). It is necessary to replace the old furnace burner to resolve normal wear.


Do the Following to Repair a Bad Furnace Gas Burner

To fix gas furnace burners, a licensed technician follows these steps :


Turn off the Furnace

Turn off the furnace by switching off the breaker or the furnace’s power switch. Make sure that the furnace is not in use and that the gas supply is turned off before repair starts. Shutting down the power source of the furnace is important to avoid accidents.


Determine the Location of the Gas Burners

Burners are usually located in the furnace’s combustion chamber. Standard gas furnaces have two, three, or four burners, each with a crossover ignition system. You may find that your burners are located inside a metal box and secured by screws.


Open the Burner Box

You can access your burner by removing the screws with a screwdriver or drill. Furthermore, if you have a burner box, you will need to remove other components to access the burner directly.


Take Out the Gas Burners

Carefully lift off the cover or panel by unscrewing the bolts or clips holding it in place. Once you find the burners in the furnace, check them for dirt, debris or other issues. There may be a need to replace the burners if they are damaged. However, if you see that cleaning can resolve the issue, use wire brushes to clean them.


It is recommended to get repair services from professionals to ensure safety. To enjoy a well-functioning furnace throughout the winter season, you should get a furnace inspection and repair from a qualified HVAC professional.


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