Can I Paint My Rusting Gas Meter?

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If you have just moved into a home or have been living in the same home for several years, and find that you have a rusting gas meter, it’s bound to raise alarm bells in your head. Most homeowners ensure that the outdoor spaces and the house structure itself are painted and well-maintained. Unfortunately, regardless of how careful you are rust always seems to attack the gas meter that is located outdoors and it mars the look of your home.

It’s common to see rust at the threads and joints; the former are more susceptible to rusting. The one fear that most homeowners have when they notice all that rust is that the meter will develop a leak.

The Logical Thing to Do

gas meter

If the gas meter in your home is rusty, you will want to know whether the problem is significant enough to warrant scraping off all the rust and repainting. The next logical thing to do is to call Union Gas or your gas supplier.

Union Gas always paints the meters and checks for leaks as part of their regular maintenance schedules; if they find that a particular meter has deteriorated beyond a certain level, they will also replace it. But in most instances, when you speak with the customer service at Union Gas they will tell  you that you can safely repaint the gas meter yourself.

Points to Keep in View

The reason they will let you repaint the gas meter yourself is that the rust you notice is inconsequential and if you are worried about the pipes, chances are that those too will, in most probability, outlive the actual gas meter equipment. The primary reason rust develops at the threads is because they aren’t painted well on purpose; the paint prevents a good seal while the gas meter is being put together. So, if you are setting out to do a DIY job painting your meter, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Remove the existing gas meter paint
  • Sand the metal surface well
  • Keep chemical products away from surfaces that aren’t metal
  • Don’t work in over hot conditions or direct sunlight as the chemicals and solvents tend to evaporate even before the products have a chance to work
  • A quality oil enamel should be used for the top coat (make sure it isn’t metallic)
  • Don’t paint over the meter glass cover or even the index
  • Ensure that the regulator vent isn’t blocked

Weather Protection

It’s important to keep your gas meter in a good condition and it’s natural that you don’t want any unsightly rust on it either. Applying a fresh coat of gas meter paint isn’t a bad idea as it will provide some defense from the weather and will ensure that the anti-corrosion protection isn’t impaired by dust.

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