Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

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An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to any backyard as a welcoming focal point for your home.  Having an outdoor fireplace is one of the latest popular trends for home renovations that combine comfort and warmth outside for many months.


With an outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy the lit skies of summer or the beauty of winter in your backyard nestled by the heat of your outdoor fireplace. This is a year-round destination that can be enjoyed by family and friends as a great gathering spot.

During the winter months, adding an overhead heater is perfect with cozy blankets and a hot toddy. For many homeowners, an outdoor fireplace is considered a “must have” addition to any outside living combination.

Visual Appeal

An outdoor fireplace can enhance the look of the entire backyard, make your patio more private and cozy while adding interest to your home and backyard scenery. An outdoor fireplace can combine the best form and function as another area of your home and encourage you to spend more time outdoors while the flames crackle and your fire lights up the night. It can turn the area into a perfect location for nighttime entertainment with extended living space.

Home Value

Outdoor fireplaces are an investment worth considering because it can add value to your home if you ever decide to sell it. It can be a boon at sale time because not only are they attractive features that add character to your home and property; they can make your home stand apart from the others. They exude an ambiance that makes this investment worthwhile. According to the Marshall & Swift Residential handbook, outdoor gas fireplaces can add anywhere from $3,500 on average to $10,000 in home value depending on the size and scope of the renovation.


Your first consideration in planning to have an outdoor fireplace built is to determine the location. You might want to consider locating it adjacent to your outside living areas, such as a deck or patio. Another alternative is to set it further back in the yard as a separate seating area.

Another factor that can influence your decision on the location might include the size of your outdoor space.

Types of Fuel

Additionally, you will have to decide whether your fireplace is going to be wood burning, propane or natural gas. If you decide on wood burning or propane, you can locate it anywhere on the property; however, if the fireplace is going to be fueled by natural gas, your choices are limited. Since the natural gas line is unusually fed directly from your home, the location for the fireplace will be determined by its proximity to the gas line. Gas fireplaces tend to cost more than wood-burning ones and the farther from the house that the gas line must run, the more costly the installation will be for the fireplace.


The design of your fireplace is another consideration, but adding an outdoor fireplace is an easy process because you don’t have to tear down existing walls in your house. With the help of a professional landscape company, you can turn empty and unused space into a beautiful outdoor focal point. A popular choice for many homeowners is the built-in style, which attaches the fireplace to an outside wall of the home. Another common choice is the freestanding style that can be located anywhere on the property. The sky is the limit regarding styles from modern to rustic, and a professional designer can help you choose the style that fits the look of your home.


With an outdoor fireplace, you have many advantages, beauty, home value, outdoor destination and extra living space. It’s a location that adds year-round pleasures from your deck or patio.