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Have a certain brand of air conditioner in mind that you want to be installed at your home? We carry some of the best names in the HVAC industry including York, Lennox, KeepRite, Ruud and Goodman.

York’s LX Series split system air conditioners fit your needs with efficient models that reduce your utility bills. Coil options include an advanced MicroChannel coil for a smaller footprint, and a proven tube-in-fin coil with enhanced aluminum fins mechanically bonded to copper tubing.

Air Conditioner

Up to 17 SEER cooling efficiency saves 41 cents per dollar versus an older 10 SEER system. Reliable operation proven in our extreme, 5-year accelerated test facility. Single- and three-phase models available (TCG). Improved alloy, MicroChannel Coil provides more performance in less space.

Air Conditioner

13 SEER cooling efficiency saves 23 cents per dollar versus an older 10 SEER system. Optimized for Northern USA and Canadian climates. Single- and 3-phase models available (TCD). Reliable operation proven in our extreme, 5-year accelerated test facility. Improved alloy, MicroChannel Coil provides more performance in less space.

Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating has been manufacturing quality air conditioners since 1982. You may not be aware of your actual Air Conditioning unit, as it’s only a purchase you make one or two times in your life. Hamilton Home Comfort is well aware of the Goodman brand and respect how they have placed an effort on engineering and designing dependable products.

GSX13 R-410A
Air Conditioner

Cool your home efficiently and quietly. The GSX13 is built with sound-dampening features that help ensure that your cooling system doesn’t interfere with a good night’s sleep.

GSX16 R-410A
Air Conditioner

Cool your home quietly with this high efficiency unit. The Goodman brand GSX16 Air Conditioner will provide you with reliable cooling and money-saving energy efficiency levels as compared to lower SEER air conditioner units.

On top of being highly efficient, Hamilton Home Comfort recommends Lennox Air Conditioners as they are reliable, well made, and easy to maintain.

Lennox XC25
Air Conditioner

The Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner is one of the best energy efficient air conditioners on the market.

Lennox XC21
Air Conditioner

The Lennox XC21 Air Conditioner comes with iComfort®-enabled technology which let’s you use your programmable iComfort Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat and will optimize the efficiency and performance of the XC21.

Lennox XC20
Air Conditioner

The Lennox XC20 Elite® has a sound level as low as 65 dB and makes cooling outputs in many small increments in order to make your house feel perfectly comfortable.

Lennox EL16XC1
Air Conditioner

The Lennox EL16XC1 air conditioner is built to perform and save energy. With efficiency ratings of up to 17.00 SEER, it can help save you hundreds of dollars every year on your utility bills, compared to older units. It may even help you qualify for energy rebates.

Lennox 14ACX
Air Conditioner

With its high efficiency outdoor coil, you get the most efficient use of your energy for cooling your house with the Lennox Merit Series 14ACX air conditioner.

Lennox 13ACX
Air Conditioner

The Lennox Merit® series 13ACX home air conditioner is one of the best values that you can get when purchasing an air conditioner for your home.

Lennox XC16
Air Conditioner

The two stage XC16 Elite® series air conditioner has a much higher performance output when compared to the average air conditioning unit.

Living in Ontario, it’s easy to forget the humid heat of the summer and how it can suck the energy right from you. Every summer we seem to get hot evenings that offer no relief, leading to sleepless nights of tossing, turning, and restlessness. While you may get some relief with a window unit, central air for your house is much quieter and convenient. Let Hamilton Home Comfort install an Air Conditioner in your home, and in a few painless hours, you’ll have decades of comfort when you need it. Hamilton Home Comfort works in the Stoney Creek area, meaning we service Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Beamsville, Binbrook, Grimsby, Stoney Creek, Waterdown, and Milton.