Month: June 2022

Why You Should Service Your Air Conditioner at Least Once a Year

By admin_fj6iobc6

It’s probably time to service your air conditioner if you’ve been wondering, “How often should I service my air conditioner?” Make sure your air conditioner is maintained by a local HVAC technician before summer arrives and you start melting in the sweltering heat. By attempting to repair it yourself, you risk voiding your warranty and…

When should your furnace be repaired or replaced?

By admin_fj6iobc6

There are a few signs that your furnace isn’t working properly, and many of them can be fixed with a little elbow grease. Professional furnace repair, on the other hand, is the quickest and safest approach to fixing your furnace.  You must know when to replace your furnace before the cost of repairs exceeds the…