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Month: February 2022

Eco-Friendly Home Heating Ideas

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The cold winter months bring many people to think about how they can keep their homes warm and comfortable without overusing energy. There are lots of ways we can do this, from using a space heater to installing an in-floor heating system. The best option for you depends on your budget, the size of your…

Fighting Dry Skin With Humidifiers

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Dry skin is a common problem that can be caused by many factors, including cold weather, harsh soaps, and aging. The symptoms of dry skin include itching, cracking, and flaking. There are several ways to combat dry skin, including using moisturizers and bath oils, avoiding hot water baths and showers, and using humidifiers. In this…

My Furnace Isn’t Working, Now What?

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Furnace Stopped Working | Hamilton Home Comfort If you’ve noticed that your home has been chillier than normal then your furnace might have stopped working. There are a few reasons why your furnace might not be working and you should go through some basic troubleshooting before you start looking at repair costs. If you’re having…

What To Check If Your Furnace Isn’t Working

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How To Fix A Furnace | Hamilton Home Comfort When your furnace stops working, it’s tricky to figure out what part needs to be looked at first. Once you know a bit about troubleshooting a furnace and fixing a furnace will be easy to do yourself without the need to call for a repair. If…